Tanger (Tangier) a city in Morocco, who lies on the north coast side at the west side of entrance of Gibraltar.  Regarding culture Tangier is multicultural place with Christian, Muslim and Jewish religion. Landmarks to see: Dar el Makhzen the Sultan palace, Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities, Grandi navi sete Tangeri, Parc de la Mendoubia, Quartier du Marshan, Avenue Pasteur, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Grand Socco, Kasbah Mosque, Fondation Lorin.  


Tetouan a city in north side of Morocco. Tetouan is port city of Morocco on Mediterian sea side. Main religion in Tetouan is Islam but there is small percent of Christianity who lives there. As regards decsription of town, the streets are straight and wide, houses are mainly painted in hispano-mosque designe. Traditional industry are silver wire, tilework and inlaying and famous thick soled slippers colorued in yellow color. One of the interesting facts is that Jews live separated from the town. They live in Mellah which is separated by…

Grottes d Hercules


Grottes d Hercules or caves of Hercules is beach in Tangier in Morocco. Beatiful and peacful pleace with cold but clean sea. During the holidays place is full with tourist and local people. About cave is most interesting that it have both ways to enter it, one from land and another from sea side. And its is made long time ago for smuggling thing. It is amazing work made by human and nature.


M´diq a town in Morocco on Mediterranean side. M´diq is also known as Mediek or Rincon. M´diq harobur has two parts, one for tourisam and one for fishing. It is soo improved harbour for receiving larger tourist capacity. The best part of fishing part of harbour is that you can eat fresh fish for little money. The main attraction in M´diq is SNIM or Semaine nautique internationale de M´diq or M´diqs Sailing Week. It happens once a year which is organized by M´diq Royal Yachting Club. Also M´diq is a…

Rabat Morocco

Morocco’s capital, Rabat, is a delightful surprise, its old quarter full of charm. Lying between the Atlantic coast and the estuary of the Bou Regreg River, it feels pleasantly provincial and is less of a tourist destination than Marrakech or Fez. Divided between the old city and the new, it is easy to walk around – the sometimes tedious hassle that occurs elsewhere is less prevalent here. The fortified Kasbah is like a Spanish village, light and airy, ali the houses are sparkling white with blue paintwork. Enclosed by huge…