Karlovac is a city in central Croatia. It is located on railway line and highway just 56 km from Zagreb. The name Karlovac gets after the Archduke of Austria Charles II, on German Karlstadt or Carlstadt or Charles Town. In early history it was built from scratch in 1579 in order to defense from Ottoman. Today is known as city of parks and town on four rivers. The rivers are: Mrežnica, Kupa, Korana and Dobra. In its numerous parks you can find a rare tree a Ginkgo biloba. One part of city is called s Šanac . It is a place with old tranches which were used to preserve the old hexagonal form of historic centre. One of the famous things is memorial site dedicated to Croatian veterans of the nations Homeland War. Site to see is Trinity Church or on Croatian “Svetog Trojstva”, “Zorin dom” the theater and Holy Nikolai Orthodox Church in center of the city, the museum’s collection of war weapons, monument to Radislav Lopašiću and National shrine of St. Joseph.

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