Photos of Djerba

photos of djerba

Djerba is the largest island in North Africa. Located off the coast of Tunisia and in the Gulf of Gabs. Enjoy in the photos of Djerba. Here is some travel information to help you discover the hidden beauty of Djerba:

Location and Access

Djerba is located in the Gulf of Gabes and is easily accessible by air or sea. The island has its own airport, Djerba-Zarzis International Airport, which has connections to major cities in Europe and North Africa. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from the mainland city of Sfax to Djerba.


Djerba is known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and unique cultural attractions. Here are some of the top attractions to visit:

El Ghriba Synagogue: One of the oldest Jewish synagogues in the world, the El Ghriba Synagogue is located in the village of Hara Sghira and is a must-visit attraction on the island.
Houmt Souk: The largest town on the island, Houmt Souk is a bustling market town with a variety of shops and restaurants. It’s a great place to explore and soak up the local culture.
Guellala Museum: Located in the village of Guellala, the Guellala Museum is dedicated to the island’s rich pottery-making history. The museum features a variety of pottery pieces, tools and techniques used by the locals.
Djerba Explore Park: The Djerba Explore Park is an amusement park and cultural center that features a variety of attractions, including an aquarium, a crocodile farm, a museum and a traditional souk.
Beaches: Djerba is known for its stunning beaches, with crystal-clear waters and white sands. Some of the top beaches to visit include Sidi Mahres Beach, Ras Rmel Beach, and Seguia Beach.

Photos of Djerba

Tips for Visiting

Respect the local culture and customs, especially when visiting religious sites such as the El Ghriba Synagogue.
Dress modestly when visiting mosques or other religious sites.
Be aware of the local laws and regulations, such as not drinking alcohol in public.
Try the local cuisine, which is a unique blend of Mediterranean and North African flavors.
Negotiate the price when taking a taxi or buying something at the market.
Visit during the spring or autumn months for milder weather and smaller crowds.

Short History

Djerba has a rich and varied history, dating back to ancient times. The island was once an important trading center for the Phoenicians, and later became a Roman colony. In the 7th century, Arab conquerors established Islam on the island, which remains the predominant religion today. Djerba has also been influenced by the cultures of the Berbers, Ottoman Turks, and French colonizers. Today, Djerba is known for its unique blend of cultures and stunning natural beauty.



Djerba is a beautiful and unique island with a rich history and culture. From the stunning beaches to the ancient ruins and cultural attractions, there is something for everyone on this hidden gem. Follow these tips and guidelines to make the most of your visit to Djerba.

Enjoy in the photos of Djerba.

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