Photos of Djerba


Djerba is the largest island in North Africa. Located off the coast of Tunisia and in the Gulf of Gabs. With mild climate it is a tourist destination for vacation. Tunisia is an African country, widely open to the Mediterranean sea on the north and east. Due to its geographical position (nearness of Europe) Tunisia was for the long period of time area of  interest for many conquers. It borders on Algeria on the west and Lybia on the south-west. Tunisia is known as the native country of Carthage; the symbol of Tunisia is olive tree –it is famous upon olive-groves and olive oil. It is mostly populated by Arabs and Muslims. The capital is Tounis.
Djerba is the largest island not only of Tunisia but of the North Africa too.. It is only 7 km away from the coast, but because of its land, see, date-palms and great number of  mosques Djerba is a sort of the world itself. It is also named as ˝the gate of Sahara˝. Homer celebrated this island in verse – on finding their way home Odysseus and his companions stayed for some time on Djerba. It used to be famous upon sponge and olive trees, but now it is mostly  famous tourist destination thanks to beautiful beaches and landscape in general. Enjoy in the photos of Djerba.

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