Rab Croatia

Rab is a Croatian island located in Adriatic Sea. Also there is the same name town on this island. Rab Island is 23 km long with an area of 94 km2. Population counts 9500 inhabitants. Tab has the highest peak called Kamenjak with 409 m. the southwestern side of island is covered by one of the last oak forests in Mediterranean while the northeastern side is mostly karts and barren. Neighboring islands are Pag and Krk. The name Rab gets from “Arab” which belongs to Liburnians. The Rab town is located on small peninsula on southwest side of island. As regards of long history of numerous realms which was under, Rab has many architectural and historic building and churches. Largest one is St. Mary the Blessed. St. Justine today is museum of sacred art. Chapel St. Christopher is patron saint of island. Also the four church bells tower are main symbol of town and island. This small but amazing town as the same name island has much much to offer you; from amazing natural beauty to clean and crystal blue Adriatic Sea with amazing hidden beaches and coves and also is one of tourist destination in Croatia. More free pictures of Croatia.

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