Tetouan a city in north side of Morocco. Tetouan is port city of Morocco on Mediterian sea side. Main religion in Tetouan is Islam but there is small percent of Christianity who lives there. As regards decsription of town, the streets are straight and wide, houses are mainly painted in hispano-mosque designe. Traditional industry are silver wire, tilework and inlaying and famous thick soled slippers colorued in yellow color. One of the interesting facts is that Jews live separated from the town. They live in Mellah which is separated by gates which are closed by night. Sights to see are Medina or Old Town, whihc is under UNESCO. Internal city is traditinal whit many white and low houses. On every corner you can find peple who present you your craftsmanship such as leather workers, weavers, jewellers and carpets. Also there is the Royal Palace with public square, Kasbah and Mosques.

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