Durdle Door Lulworth Cove

Durdle Door England

Durdle Door Lulworth Cove is natural limestone arch, located on Jurassic Coast in Dorset in England. To be precise it is privately owned by Welds family. This family owns a 50 km 2 of area in Dorset in name of Lulworth Estate. This name Durdle is derived from old English which means “thrill or drill. This natural arch is formed on concordant coastline where rock bends run parallel to shoreline. Rocks are vertical and band a narrow. Mostly around this part of coast of limestone is removed by erosion of sea, while the remainder is this arch and some small forms of headland. This natural arch is under UNESCO teams which monitor condition of arch and local beach. 120 meters isthmus joins the limestone into to the chalk which is made of 50 m band of Portland limestone’s which compressed and narrow bands compose a cretaceous weal den sand and clay and green sand and sandstone. Because coastline is generally eroded the cliffs mostly landslide or rock falls. In April of 2013 on the east of Durdle Door a quite large piece of stone slide down, this destructed a part of South West Coast Path. This landscape has been scenes in several films, such as “Nanny McPhee”, “Wild” and “Far From the Madding Crowd” and also in music video, such as “Shout” made by Tears for Fears and “Saviors’ day” made by Cliff Richards. Enjoy in Durdle Door Lulworth Cove images.

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