SkyRail Rainforest Cableway


SkyRail Rainforest Cableway is a cableway which runs above Barron Gorge National Park from Cairns suburb to Kuranda in Queensland. Development of this sky rail was controversial by local people. Local people though that building that will be damage World Heritage rain forest. You can visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and return form Kuranda via Kuranda Scenic railway. The spanning is 7, 5 km over the Barron Gorge national park. This cableway includes scenic ride and stops at two mini rain forest stations. Here you can go on rain forest boardwalks where you can get lot of information of guided board walkers. The journey takes 1, 5 hours in the one way and if you want to return it will take you 2, 5 hours. Also you can take a trip with Kuranda Scenic railway and return with sky rail, or reverse. There are four stations: the Kuranda Terminal located in rain forest in village Kuranda, Barron Falls Station located near Barron Falls where you can go with boardwalks and there will be three lookouts on to falls, Red Peak Station which is the highest point of the cableway at 544 m above the sea and Caravonica terminal located near suburb Caravonica. The first idea was conceived in 1987 but it takes the seven years to do so all necessary reports, study, assessments, consolations and and approval from local, state, and federal governments. It was hard to build it because it will have to be minimal impact on rain forest. At last the constructions begin in June 1994 and open for public in 31 of August 1995. At the end there are 114 gondolas, each of them have capacity of 6 passengers and provide caring about 700 passengers per hour. This cableway is driven by 384 kW DC electric motor. Also have a back up diesel motor and auxiliary hydro static drive.

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