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time in tulum

To enjoy the best weather, November through March are the most suitable months to visit Tulum. It is, of course, the peak or busiest time in Tulum, Mexico, therefore expect to pay more expensive prices and bigger crowds. During the spring months of March through May, Tulum is in its shoulder season. It is a fantastic time of year when the weather is pleasant, and the cost of living is still very low.

May through September gives you the best amount of bang for your buck for the best value! But be aware that this time of year can be a bit rainy, hot, humid, and sweltering. A Mayan rainforest surrounds the area, and the mosquito is a problem in Tulum, particularly in the summer So, don’t be a nuisance and bring bug repellent along with you.

Tulum is located in the southeastern region of Mexico and is situated within Tulum is located in southeastern Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s approximately two hours south of Cancun and about 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

Time in Tulum

Tulum was a sleepy beach town and a favorite among backpackers who stayed on the beach beneath the stars.In the past decade, Tulum has grown into one of the most sought-after travel destinations and the most popular resorts in Mexico. Tourists come to Tulum every year – This Ultimate Guide to Tulum will provide you with all the information you should know!

Tulum was the final great city built and inhabited by the Mayan people during the 13th and 15th centuries. It was a place of worship for The Great Descending God, represented by the temples. Tulum is also important in the sea trade, mainly to trade obsidian. Tribes from across Mexico and Central American countries would travel to Tulum to change in the Caribbean port.

It is believed that the massive wall surrounding the city was built to defend it from jealous pirates and traders who wanted to take over the city’s prime spot.The pull of the ancient Mayan energies and the enchantment of nature’s marvels and historical sites have brought in spiritually-centered tourism for a long time.

A once-silent beach town with slow-moving artists and yogis, Tulum has developed into a desirable tourist destination. Modern luxurious hotels and facilities are now accessible, but don’t be concerned; there’s still plenty of Mayan spirit to be discovered.


1. Visit A Cenote

Talk about the healing properties. The cenote options within the Tulum region are massive and diverse, as hundreds of stunning places exist. You can dive, swim, snorkel, or stroll through these incredible and powerful natural forces.

If you’re looking to scuba dive into a cenote, consider this beginner’s class which includes a course and an introductory dive. If you’re already certified as a scuba diver, sign up for this top-rated cenote dive tour in the region. At both times, all equipment is provided.


2. Best time in Tulum to see Mayan Ruins
Mayan Ruins

This Tulum Ruins archaeological site probably brought you to the area initially. Therefore, take the time to visit it! The excitement of this fantastic ancient site is attracting tourists to this area for long periods. The ruins sit over the ocean in a stunning location close to Tulum Centro.

Guides are available at the gate. Suppose you’re keen to understand the historical significance of the site. However, strolling on your own is always enjoyable.


3. Go To The Beach!

With so many stunning beaches to pick from, you will certainly discover a beautiful spot that is perfect for a sarong or picnic basket! Bring your swimsuit, as the water is perfect. Learn to kitesurf in a fun way in case you’re adventurous; Tulum is famous for the sport. The hotels in the Zona Hotelera are on the beach; however, when you’re staying in town, the beach is only 15 minutes away.


4. Experience The Adventure Parks

About 30-40 minutes to the north of Tulum are a collection of world-class adventure parks that are different from the ones you’ve seen.

The most well-known is Xcaret, with its meandering canals that you can swim through, stunning beaches, cultural shows such as jungle treks, and many more. The prices aren’t low. However, these adventure parks are seen as must-dos in the region.

Other parks that are very well-known are Xplor featuring its ziplines, caves ATV’s and rafting, Xel-Ha with its water slides as well as mangrove tubing, snorkeling as well as other water sports, Xplor Fuego nighttime torchlight adventure, Xenotes cenote experience, Xoximilco floating fiesta, and the wildly famous Xenses optic illusion park.


5. Visit The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of old tropical canals, rainforest, 120km of coastline, a wealth of marine life and coral reefs to satisfy your every desire for adventure.

Enjoy the swaying canals of the rivers, take a cruise to observe manatees and sea turtles, or sit back and relax in the shade of a forest. It’s an unforgettable trip that should not be missed!


6. Discover Tulum Pueblo

Tulum town centre (aka Tulum Pueblo) has an aura in its own. We advise those who are just beginning their journey to remember that one of the top things to do when you are visiting a new location is to visit the places where people reside. The food, art, and culture will be a delight.

The range of Acai From Acai zanahorias (carrots) and many other delicious choices between Traditional Yucatan cuisine is abundant throughout the region. Wandering around the town on foot is excellent; however, bicycles are also a common method of transportation. Bikes are available for rental everywhere in the city. Take a ride!




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