National park Kornati

National Park Kornati

National park Kornati is archipelago in Croatia is located in the northern part of Dalmatia west from Šibenik in the Šibenik-Knin courty, National park was declared 1980th and placed under the protection, total area of park is about 220 km2 and contains 89 islands some large some small and reffs, the parke area is only 1/4 of the mainland while the remaining part is the marine ecosystem, it abounds natural and cultural particularities, vertical cliffs known as “the crown” on the islands of Kornati are facing the open sea and its the most popular phenomenom of this park and also habitate for rare species, Kornati underwater world reveals us some amazing stories, some part of the Kornati mainland is in the private property, most of the terrain in the Kornati islands is karst-limestone, in the area there are many exampies of all typical forms of karst like bizare shapes formed by stormy wind and sea, mysterious and unexplored caves, areas with flat cliffs and rocks, fauna  on the Kornati islands is sparse but amusing, fauna consist from the sea gulls they are numerous, some lizards and ring snakes and many varieties of butterfly amphibians and rodents, Kornati islands are typical for the Adriatic and Mediteranean marine life but due to underwater streams, relief and special characteristic of the sea in it labyrinth there are also some rare specaes like sponges,corals and algae, vegetation on the island of Kornati is very sparse, the most comman plant is grass with some medical herbs like feather grass, sage, oliva tree, vineyards, figs, orchards and vegetable gardens.

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