National Park Brijuni

National Park Brijuni Islands are group of fourteen some small some large islands on the northen Adriatic Sea in Croatia, the largest is Veli Brijun and the others are Mali Brijun, Kozada, Jerolim, Madona, Vrsar, Krasnica, Galija, Grunj, Supinić, Supin, Guz Okrugljak, St. Mark, the Brijuni Islands have a typical Mediterranean characteristics of flora world, here grows cedars, bamboos, pyramidal, Vanga the dwarf spruce, there is also lot of exotic vegetation, the most important plants are Maquis, conifers, Holm Oak, Laurel forest and shrubland, therre are some plant species wich are endangered such as marine poppy, wild cucumbar, some grass species and more, inside the Veliki Brijun are ethno park presenting a typical Istrian homestead animal species like an Istrian ox, goats, sheep and donkeys, in the early 20th century the chital deer, mouflons and Fallow deer were introduced to the Veliki Brijun, the biggest lake is overgrown with reed and its good for nestling ground for numerous types of birds, on the island is also Safari park who is home to a variety of exotic animals such as Nigali, Asian Elephant, Zebu, Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Waterbuck, in the sea you can find data-shell, pen-shell, dolphins and turtles, there are some endemic species such as Jadranski ciganin, black tang, Tumicate, Jadranski bračić, the sea is rich with fish, spanges, esea urchins, shellfish, on the Veliki Brijun Island were found over 200 dinosour footprints, there is also archeological sites like Mary Church wich was built by the Kinghts Templar, ancient Roman villa remains, remains of Byzantine palace, there are some exhibitions from natural history, art and archaeological collections. Enjoy in the beautiful pictures of  National Park Brijuni.

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