Ellora caves

ellora caves

Ellora caves is archaeological site located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Ellora is well known for its monumental caves, it represent the Indian rock-cut architecture, it is actually the structures excavated out of vertical face of the Charanandri hills, it is a site with 34 caves some Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves with its monasteries and temples, there are 12 Buddhist cave, 17 Hindu and 5 Jin, in the end Ellora demonstrate the religious harmony during the Indian history, Vihara is cave 1 with 8 cells among the Buddhist caves, cave 10 or Vishavakarma or locally known as Sutar ka jhopoda, it is chaitya griha and the only one among the Buddhist group, at the front side is a rock-cut court and on either side is a pillared portico with chambers in their back walls, the corridor colums have a massive squarish shafts and vase and foliage or ghata-pallava capitals, Hindu caves represent a various style of vision and execution several generations of coordination and planning to complete it, the unrivaled masterpiece of Elloras Hindu caves is Kailasanatha temple or cave 16, it is carved out of one single rock, the courtyard winch is shaped in letter U is edged by columned galleries three store’s high, first large imagine in traditional Shiva temples is sacred bull Nandi, the shrine complete its with windows, pillars, inner, gathering halls and other rooms, there are two pillars with the flagstaff in courtyard, also there is sculpture of Rovana who lifts Mount Kailasa the residence of Lord Shiva, the Jain caves belong to the sect of Digambara, caves of Jan reveal specific dimension of Jan tradition and philosophy, outstanding Jain shrine is cave 30 or Chhota Kailash.

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