Negev desert on map

negev desert on map

Negev desert on map is a semi desert region of southern Israel. One of the largest city of this region Beersheba. The desert Negev is home to Ben Gurion University. On this University are also institutes for Desert Research, Jacob Blaustein and Albert Katz International School also for desert study. Nearby is campus SDE Boker. The word Negev on Hebrew means “dry”. Also scientist fined in Bible that this name were used for direction south. In Arabic it is known as al – Naqab. This desert is over 14,000 km 2 and it covers about 56 % of country. It is famous by its three craterlike makhteshim – box canyons. There are Makhtesh Katan, Makhtesh Ramon, Makhtesh Gadol. It is a rocky desert with mix of rocky dust, brown mountains with dry riverbeds. Sometimes dunes can reach up to 30 m of height. Its climate is dry with very small percent of rain by year. Through this desert passed many historical stories, from Biblical, Nabataea’s, Romans and Byzantines to Islamic.  See Negev desert on map …

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