Sinj is a town located in Split Dalmatia County in Croatia. The population is very small, about 12,000 people. Sinj is main center of Cetinska krajina. Cetinska krajina is group of settlements situated on karstic field called Sinjsko polje. Through this field passes river Cetina. Sinj is surrounded with four mountains: Visoka, Svilaja, Kamešnica and Dinara. Because these four mountains Sinj has sub Mediterranean climate with cold winters and hot summers. History of this town begins in Ottoman Empire. It grows around ancient fortress of Ottoman in 17th century. After that was a Franciscan monastery with church Our Lady of Sinj. Famous thing about this town is Sinjska alka which celebrate every year the victory over Ottoman army in 1715. It began in August. This game is competition where ceremonially dressed horsemen while riding trying to hit a small ring in the middle which is called “srida”. The tilters are dressed in traditional costumes. Who score the highest number of points or “punat” he is the winner. Interesting fact is that the winner families have to treat all towns’ people with Dalmatian smoked ham. This land is interesting and famous tourist area. One of the most famous attractions is the Sinjska alka. Except Alka visitor can enjoy in Museum of the Cetinska Krajina Region and beautiful wild nature.

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