Temple in Petra Jordan

Temple in Petra Jordan is archaeological and historical ghost city in Jordan governor ate who lies on the slop of Mount Hor, its famous by its buildings carved into the rocks, its protected by UNESCO and it is World Site Heritage, it is located on half way between the Bay of Akata to the Dead Sea in a wide valley in the hill area of Edon, impressive eastern entrance leads steeply down through a dark, narrow gorge called a Siq which is a natural geological feature formed from a deep split in the sand stone rocks, at the end standes Petras most elaborate ruin known as Al Khazneh the Treasury, Petra is also known as the rose red city for the color of the rocks which is Petra carved, the Hadrien Gate and Cardo Maximum, Petra Archealogical Museum, Urn Tomb, Wadi Musa, roman theater also covered in to rocks, the tombs into royal rocks known as royal wall, today Petra is considered one of the greatest monuments of the Middle East, on the mountain en-Nejr is massive theater and few fascinating tombs, the Nabataeans who lived there worship some Arab gods and goddesses of the pre Islamic time as well some their kings, the Monastery is largest monument in Petra, on the ruins of Monastery is inscribed information that this monastery is in the honor of Obodas the god Ad Deir, Mount Hor or today Jabal Haroun or Mount Aron is place where Moses brother Aron was Buried, the Wadi Musa or Wadi of Moses is the Arab name for the narrow valley. See beautiful pictures of Temple in Petra Jordan.

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