Northern Velebit national park


Northern Velebit national park is located in Croatia. It covers more than 110 km 2. It is located in north part of Mountain Velebit. Also in the same mountain there is another National Park called Paklenica located in south side. In National Park North Velebit exist two reservations the Rožanski kukovi and Hajdučki kukovi. Interesting thing about Rožanski kukovi is that one peek called Zavižan is two hour walk form peek Gromovača. That area is filling with rock part, stony peaks natural gateways, caves, karts rocks, very very large heights. In the way while walking you will found how some stone have a bizarre shapes like spires, obelisks, towers and shapes like human and animals face. Hajdučki kukovi is group of peaks. The land in Hajdučki kukovi is wilder and dangerous. Also here is located the Lukina jama that is cave which is the deepest cave in mountains in Croatia. National Park Velebit is a perfect place to see how in one way the nature can be beautiful and in another dangerous. See pictures of Northern Velebit national park.

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