Thingvellir national park

thingvellir national.park

Tingvellir national park located in southwest Iceland close to peninsula of Reykjanes. This area is Hengill volcanic area. This place is for cultural, geological and historical importance and one of the top best destinations for tourist destination. One thing why this National Park is so special is about Mid Atlantic Ridge. It is a mid ocean ridge on tectonic plate located along the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. Also it is the largest ocean mountain range in the world. This ridge separate North America Plate and Eurasian Plate and also African Plate from South American Plate in South Atlantic. The part of ridge which is on Island side is known as Reykjavik Ridge. Every year the tectonic spreading is about 2, 5 cm. Notable features is the ridge deep rift valley. It marks actual boundary between tectonic plates. Ridge is 2600 m below the sea and its flank is about 5000 m deeper. Tingvellir become national park in 1928. And this rift can be clearly seen. The biggest one is Almannagjá. One more interesting natural thing of this park is that there are rifts which are full of clear water. The most known rift is Peningagjá meaning „Coin fissure“because coins are littered on the bottom. Thingvellir national park is under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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