Varazdin – city in Croatia

In the most northern part of Croatia on the banks of Drava River is Varazdin known as the “Baroque Capital of Croatia”, the 800 year old city is also known for its food and textile industry and recently as the “City of Flowers”, the historic centre of Varazdin has a great number of palaces that has change city until it was mostly destroyed by fire in the 1776., also has many churches and religious buildings (six churches, two chapels, one monastery), interesting is town centres around a medieval fortress whic has been modifided over time into a Gothic-Renaissance building, church of Sants Fabian and Sebastian is the most beatiful in the city, Varazdin isnt only preserving architectures but its traditions such as Varazdin Eavnings of Baroque is the main festival-it celebrates heritage of Croatian Baroque and other types of music and things, magic to the city gives preformes of live music and visual artists line the streets, if you want some differente go to Herzer Palace where is collection of more than ten thousand preserved insects.

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