Brno Masaryk Circuit

Brno Masaryk Circuit or original Czech name Masaryk circuit is a motorsport race tracks. Location is near Brno in Czech Republic. In the beginning the original street was made for public roads and on its longest part is measured near 32 km. in the beginning of 1930s was held events such as Masaryk Grand Prix which attracted top drivers and teams. In 1986 racing ended because the current permanent circuit is opened within the bound on original roads. The most important annual event in Czech is MotoGP Prix of Czech Republic. There are more events that race on track like Formula Two, FIA GT1, World Touring Car Championship and Superbike World Championship. The name Masaryk comes from first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk. The Motorcycle Grand Prix in Czech has always been a promoter then some profit raiser for itself. Good thing is that the contract was prolonged to 2013. But the tobacco advertising is banded since 2007. Today permanent circuit have 5,400 km, turns: 15 and the lap record is 1:43,260 by Luca Filippi in Super Nova Racing, Auto GP in 2010. See Brno Masaryk Circuit photos …

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