Krka National Park

The Krka National Park  is located in Šibenik, Croatia. It’s get name after the river Krka that is encloses. The National Park is located on middle lover course of river Krka. It is just few kilometres from Šibenik city. This park and are is formed for cultural, tourism activity, recreational, educational and even scientific activities and purpose. Also National Park Krka is one of the seven National parks in Croatia. It was proclaimed a national park in 1984. It territory is 110 square kilometre along the river Krka and it is located in entirely of territory of Šibenik Knin County. This Park is unchanged region with much multi natural value also it is spacious, and also has a well preserved ecosystem. The climate of National Park Krka is Mediterranean and sub Mediterranean. Duo climate and its interesting and mosaic location it is full and rich of different fauna and flora. It is considered that on this area are more than eight hundred species and subspecies of plants. Also it has a few endemic Adriatic species. As regards to fauna there are twenty species of of fish which inhabit river Krka. Also among them exist ten endemic fishes. And because that, the National Park Krka is a landmark of highest category. Lakes and reeds are formed by swamped meadows and because that they abound with birds, amphibians. One more side of wild and well protected nature of Park Krka is quarries and stone karts which are home to reptiles. There are more than 200 species of various birds, but the structure of birds depends on autumn and spring migrations. There are few birds here that are rare in rest of Europe like Golden Eagle, European Bee eater and Lanner Falcon. Also there are 20 species of bats and one of them is also near extinction in Europe like Long fingered Bat and European Otter. Except wild nature you have to see a Visovac, that is a Small Island on the middle of the lake on which are build Franciscan Monastery which were a spiritual center of Orthodox Dalmatian Eparchy. There are also Roški Slap which is the second popular attraction and the most famous the Skradinski Buk. Skradinski Buk is a massive natural pool with many waterfalls. In area of 500 m length and 110 m width there are situated 17 waterfalls. Here you can swim, buy souvenirs, enjoy in forrest, play different games. If you have any chance to see Croatia and National Park Krka you have to come. You will found a little piece of paradise on earth.


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